What's ISEC



The largest security conference in Asia, marking the 17th event, since the first conference in 2007,Emphasizes the importance and need for security, introduces security trends and issues, and presents practical countermeasures

Reflecting the trend of globalization, convergence and intelligence of security, discussing various securityissues from cyber security to physical and convergence security

Co hosted by (ISC)2, the world's largest International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, attracting participation of leading global companies and presenting global issues

Building the platform for information exchange among the various personnel with the support and participation of over 50 related institutes and organizations

Introduces a ‘participants real name verification system’, whereby participants are verified by their real names through mobile phone authentication, and approves pre-registration only for relevant personnel in charge of security

Hold the ‘ISEC 2023 Best Speaker Awards’ based on on-site voting, surveys, on-site monitoring evaluation, etc., thus improve the quality of presentation contents and lectures

ISEC 2023 Purpose

Highlighting that diverse security threats are becoming more and more sophisticated and widespread in every sector of the society and contributing to boosting awareness and building responding measures
Contributing to strengthening key infrastructure in the era of the 4th industrial evolution, including smart city, autonomous driving, AI and cloud, in the advent of hyper connectivity, facilitated by 5G commercialization
Building a platform for global networking and business to expand export of Korean security solutions across Asia-Latin America- Africa, Europe and the Middle East