What's ISEC


Conference scale

Major guests about 60 attendance of relevant ministries & institutions, group leaders

ㆍRelevant ministries & institutions, group leader.
ㆍThe Leading companies' CISO & CPO in domestic, CISO in overseas etc.
ㆍWorking Group, overseas security companies’ trade delegation for 40 countries in relation to defense etc.

2 Days Total 18 Tracks, 82 Sessions

ㆍDemonstration & Panel discussion(2), Keynote Speech(8), Theme Presentation(82) : Total 8 Tracks
ㆍConcurrent Events : Total 8 Tracks

Concurrent Events

·2023 Health and Welfare Cyber Security Workshop
·2023 Health and Welfare Personal Information Protection Workshop
·2023 The 3rd CPO Workshop
·2023 Seoul Metropolitan Government Cyber Security Workshop
·ICT Policy Conference for National Council of Broadcasting & Communication Offcials
·The 10th CISO Workshop
·Security Global Summit 2023
·The 3rd Privacy Expert Instructors Forum