Track D Time : 2023.9.20 13:00 ~ 13:40
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Mac Yoon Director

In the post-COVID era, discussions on sustainable digital transformation progress towards diverse goals. Concepts like Altavia for global supply chain restructuring and post-reconstruction in the Russia-Ukraine war accelerate this change from both quantitative and qualitative perspectives. Emerging technologies cater to the original desires for safety and health. Lets discuss digital transformation through the OT framework and Naonworks suggestions for meeting safety and health needs amid these changes.

NAONWORKS Co., Ltd. Booth no : J01
CEREBRO-XTD: OT Visibility & Threat Detection Solution

CEREBRO-XTD is an OT security solution that identifies various OT assets, analyzes protocols, and detects security threats in real-time, such as such as anomalies, malicious codes, and harmful traffic in the OT network.

Leveraging expertise in various communication protocols that constitute OT networks, it monitors network and control data in real-time, performing deep analysis to detect signs of anomalies. It is characterized by its proprietary protocol profiling technology and deep packet inspection (DPI) capabilities. By utilizing a passive approach that does not interfere with existing processes, it enables stable and secure implementation without concerns about availability.

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