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ISEC 2022 (The 16th International Security Conference) is a paid conference that allows only security officials of government ministries, government agencies and public and private companies, associations and organizations to register for free.
Security solution companies, SI/distributor/consulting companies, and students could register for paid, so please pay in advance on the website or register onsite.
Registration fee: USD 220


Event Title ISEC 2022
The 16th International Security Conference
Period 18(Tue) – 19(Wed) October, 2022
Venue COEX 3F Hall C, Conference Room(South), Seoul, Korea
Time 09:00~18:00 (KST)
Admission time 09:00 ~ 17:00 (KST)

Admission fee

Registration fee: USD 220

Admission Process

1. Online Pre-registration
Confirmation of visitor’s registration → Check ID → Take badges → Admission in conference

2. Invitation letter & Public official ID
Fill out the registration form → Submit registration form, invitation letter or public official ID → Take badges → Admission in Conference

3. Onsite Registration
Buy ticket → Fill out the registration form → Submit registration form and pay the registration fees → Take badges → Admission in conference

Recognition of CISSP credits

· The duration of lectures and your attendance will be added up and recognized as CISSP credits. (Time for registration, lunch, and break are excluded.)

· Day 1 & 2: Maximum training hours recognized –8 hours per 1 day, total 16 hours

· Please tag the badge on barcode readers when finally exit

Admission Confirmation Letter

· In case of request, send an e-mail to the ISEC Office(


No support, please use the public transportation.